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The Cholesterol Myth

Date Added: June 24, 2017 05:38:54 AM
Category: Conditions and Diseases

It is a fact we know that cholesterol especially low density lipoprotein (LDL) or better known as the "bad" cholesterol play a crucial role in the process of atherosclerosis and the development of various cardiovascular diseases. We used to believe that majority of our BLOOD CHOLESTEROL is influenced by how much cholesterol we consume in our diet or how much exercise we do. Therefore, we always hear advice not to consume high cholesterol food in order to lower down the BLOOD CHOLESTEROL. Hence, it is not uncommon for some patients with high (even very high) LDL to opt for dietary control than drug treatment. In contrary, researches have proven that MAJORITY (roughly 70%) of our BLOOD CHOLESTEROL is produced by our OWN LIVER!

With more and more clinical researches proving that lowering down the LDL is linked to lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and better survival in those with established cardiovascular diseases, it is clear that using dietary and lifestyle modification approaches can only have minor influence on BLOOD CHOLESTEROL. So, drug treatment which acts by inhibiting the cholesterol production by the liver becomes an important option to consider in those who fail to achieve their cholesterol target. (We will talk about cholesterol target in coming post)

This does not mean EXERCISE and HEALTHY DIET are of no value and one can totally depend on drugs! Having an EFFECTIVE EXERCISE and eating healthily (low fat, low salt, low sugar) have been proven to reduce obesity, metabolic syndrome and even cancers! Therefore, keeping your fitness level up is EQUALLY important too!

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Prepared by:
Medical Advisor of Hybrid Gym